Questions and Answers

What power is available to each unit?

Single phase 40-amp circuit breakers will be installed to service each unit. There are a limited number of 63-amp three phase connections available on the service board for units 80 sqm or larger. These can be purchased and allocated to your preferred unit at the time of signing your contract. Once all three phase options have been allocated there will not be more available (Due to the size of the boards and the substation kiosk).

Will NBN be connected?

Yes – there will be an NBN connection point available. Connection with a preferred retailer will be the responsibility of the purchaser and may incur a connection fee.

What parking is available throughout the site?

Each unit has parking allocated in the Strata Plan. These parks will be very near the actual unit and can be used for visitors, clients or employees of the business occupying the unit. There will be a (few) visitor parks throughout the complex and these will be clearly signposted.

Will I have 24.7 access to my unit?

Yes. There will be security cameras and lighting throughout the site, and yes you will have access to your unit at any time. Business operation hours will be subject to the amount of noise generated and any restriction imposed by Council.

What air-conditioning will be provided?

There is no air conditioning provided in the purchase contract to any unit. This will be able to be requested at the first AGM strata meeting. Allocated spaces for air-conditioning compressors will be confirmed once strata has been set up and approval passed.

What are the strata by laws?

Strata by laws are additional rules that all owners (and lessees) in the complex agree to abide by. Strata by laws may include the collection of additional monies to undertake an agreed building or repair on site, or for insurance or maintenance. The strata by laws for this complex will be included in the sale for contract when you agree to purchase and will be provided to you as a lessee when you go to lease one of these units.

What signage can I install?

There are marked areas on the outside of each unit (either above the PA door or above the roller door, or on common property walls at the ends of buildings) where signage can be installed. Additionally, there are two pylon signs being installed to promote businesses out on the main road. Your business can benefit from this exposure. Please speak with one of our team to secure one of the limited advertising spots on this pylon signboard.

What is the expected delivery time? When can I move in?

Our estimated completion is Q1 2025. Obviously, as a purchaser, you will be given lots of information as we near completion and legally the contract will ensure you have at least 21 days formal notice before settlement occurs. This construction of all units will be undertaken in a single stage (completion dates are subject to change).

Is my deposit refundable?

All deposits are 100% refundable up until unconditional exchange of contracts has taken place. If you decide prior to exchange of contracts that you no longer wish to proceed with the purchase, the deposit held will be refunded to you into your nominated account upon rescission and permission from solicitors to release deposit as all deposits are held in our sales trust. Once contracts have exchange deposits are non-refundable and held in trust until settlement.

Will there be skylights?

There will be no skylights, but each unit will be provided with powder coated aluminium framed louvre windows above the roller doors/glazed bifold doors as per the DA approved plans, which will be manually controlled from ground level.

Can I install the mezzanine and kitchen myself?

With Strata approval and required compliance in place, the owners post settlement may be able to install mezzanine and kitchens within their unit.  Each unit will be provided with provisions for water, sewer and NBN and you can choose your provider to build them for you after you settle on your unit. Mezzanines will need to be Strata approved and it must have a structural design completed by certified engineer and meet /comply with Australian building standards.

Are the walls structural?

Yes and no. The internal walls between each unit are NOT used to hold up the roof, however they do provide a building fire rating benefit between each of the strata units. The walls themselves remain the property of the body corporate (strata) and any structural attachment you intend to make, any holes you wish to drill or cut, will need to be approved by the body corporate (strata). Having said this, the walls are structurally built to support various structures and for most applications will provide all the structural support you need

What lighting will be provided?

Each unit will be provided the appropriate number of high bay LED lights. There will also be a security light out the front of each PA door, and emergency lighting as part of the fire safety rating for the building. Additional lights can be installed as needed after settlement.

What security will be onsite?

There will be 24.7 security cameras installed and operated by the strata body corporate.

What is the zoning?

Zone E4 General Industrial

1 Objectives of zone

  • To provide a range of industrial, warehouse, logistics and related

land uses.

  • To ensure the efficient and viable use of land for industrial uses.
  • To minimise any adverse effect of industry on other land uses.
  • To encourage employment opportunities.
  • To enable limited non-industrial land uses that provide facilities

and services to meet the needs of businesses and workers.

  • To provide for industrial uses close to transport infrastructure.

2 Permitted without consent

Environmental protection works


3 Permitted with consent

Agricultural produce industries; Depots; Freight transport facilities;

Garden centres; General industries; Goods repair and reuse premises;

Hardware and building supplies; Industrial retail outlets; Industrial

training facilities; Landscaping material supplies; Light industries;

Local distribution premises; Neighbourhood shops; Oyster aquaculture;

Plant nurseries; Sawmill or log processing industries; Take away food

and drink premises; Tank-based aquaculture; Timber yards; Vehicle

sales or hire premises; Warehouse or distribution centres; Any other

development not specified in item 2 or 4


4 Prohibited

Agriculture; Airports; Animal boarding or training establishments;

Camping grounds; Caravan parks; Cemeteries; Commercial premises;

Community facilities; Correctional centres; Eco-tourist facilities;

Educational establishments; Exhibition homes; Exhibition villages;

Farm buildings; Forestry; Function centres; Home-based child care;

Hospitals; Information and education facilities; Mortuaries; Registered

clubs; Residential accommodation; Rural industries; Tourist and visitor

accommodation; Wharf or boating facilities

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